The Relationship Between Iran and Syria

The Relationship Between Iran and Syria
Iran and Syria are known to be many allies when it comes to the terror attacks that are experienced in the Middle East countries. The relationship between these two states can be traced back to the time when Syria sought an alliance with part of the Iranian non-Arab citizens against a group of Muslim Iranians. Iran is also believed to share the animosity that Syria had towards the former Iraqi president. These two countries have since formed alliances to wage war against any state with which they are in a feud.

The most conspicuous alliance between these two countries are the wars that they have against the United States of America. The alliance has been in the way the two countries are determined to create missiles that can bring down the US. In the struggle for superpowers, Iran and Syria have been in the forefront of creating powerful weapons to outdo the superpower countries. Iran and Syria are also strategically positioned such that their war activities are not disrupted due to distance and geographical factors. In the plans, Syria and Iran have always joined forces to help each other attack their enemies. For more information about the Iran is Syria, check this website.

A report by the United States and United Kingdoms have listed both Iran and Syria to be the state sponsors of terrorism according to the axis of evil. This listing happened due to the recorded number of times that Iran and Syria have been associated with terror attacks in the Middle East. These records are a clear confirmation that the two countries are actively involved in the organization of war and terrorism. A close relation between the times of terror attacks and the kind of missiles used for the attacks. Visit the official site, click for more information about Iran is Syria.

During Syria's independence in 1946, Iran had its consulate established in Syria, and that was the genesis of the close political friendship between the two countries.  This alliance helped both countries to stand in for each other during the wars. The relation was further tightened when Egypt signed a treaty with Israel. Syria felt betrayed by Egypt and went ahead to form an alliance with Iran. The two countries are also known to have an undisputable enmity with Iraqi. This explains the constant attacks between Iraqi and Iran and Syria taking sides with Iran. This close relation between these two nations has led to the conclusion that they are largely related and will always form alliances against their enemies. Increase your knowledge about Iran is Syria through visiting
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