The Participation Of Iran In The Syrian Civil War

The Participation Of Iran In The Syrian Civil War
The Syrian civil war is a mess and it has continued to escalate to immeasurable heights over time. There has been a property loss and more importantly, a lot of civilian deaths. There are different wrangles that are ongoing to bring this end result and all help offered by the international community has been declined. There has been grotesque images on the internet and the social media platforms of civilians found fleeing the country and who have died in the process. The war has denied civilians their right to anything and there are thousands of detainees most of them undergoing a lot of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in the jails. Aid planes have been shot down and the civilians have been denied help of any kind by the Syrian government. These are reports as they keep coming in all over the world. Examine the knowledge that we shared about Iran is Syria read here!

A country like Iran, however, has been working tirelessly to ensure the same continues as is, so as to protect their interests. Iran has been known to harbor terrorist militia groups, they have provided for them training and physical needs. Iran has been sending these troops to Syria to help Syria fight against the rebels and this has only worsened the civil war. Iranian drones have been found by rebels, troops have been seen in the cities and captured Iranian soldiers have been used to trade for Syrian detainees by the rebels. Just to mention but a few of the signs of Iranian presence. Get more information at

It is hard to fully understand why Iran is doing this and many have been trying to demystify the whole thing, but as it happens, Iran is basically trying to protect their interests. Even though the support they are giving to Syria is actually quite expensive and this in turn has dire consequences for Iran, a lot of Iranians are actually supporting this in a claim of religious solidarity. Iranians have also had to pay with their lives in the process as some troops have lost people in the war. Learn more details about Iran is Syria at

The international community has tried to dissuade Iran from doing this and unfortunately Iran has continued to hold that this is necessary for them. The end result is that their support is strengthening the Syrian Civil war which in turn has resulted in tons of deaths. Those civilians who have managed to get away in one way or another have become refugees in other countries with nothing to call their own.
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